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Commercial pest control services

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in Pest Control Service |

Certified Commercial Pest Control solutions

Commercial pest control exists to protect organisations reputations from the invasion of unrestrained pests. As conditions changes there is a year round risk from pests penetrating an structure and inflicting an undesired annoyance. With a system that sources local knowledge we are able to offer a inexpensive, very effective and friendly service. Commercial pest control contracts are intended for the relief (though not confined to):

  1. Bed Bugs
  2. Pigeons
  3. Flys
  4. Fleas
  5. Cockroaches

We’ve a number of years supplying a pest control service to many differing clients and that has also enabled us to experience almost every imaginable pest outbreak scenario. Existing clients include:

  • Restaurants
  • Homes for the elderly
  • B&B’s
  • Office blocks
  • Communal areas of public housing
  • Colleges

Investigation and discovery of the main cause will be looked at and established soon after our treatment of the main infestation. Swift reaction times are fundamental to preventing the infestation from growing any further. This applied with our well-practiced commercial pest control strategies we will begin to contain and control the problem. We supply a same day reaction time, all week. As we’re a local business we’re able to offer transparent rates for our treatment methods and we guarantee that our work will be completely effective. We pride ourselves on a no nonsense straightforward approach. With the commercial environment presenting some obstacles that are dissimilar to residential pest control you can be certain of our comprehensive solution as we execute the following:

  • Monitoring of pest behaviour and significant discoveries
  • Deterrence systems applied and their locations together with chemical substances and rodenticides
  • Guidelines provided by our technicians will be recorded
  • Control practices and their success are examined and changed where essential
  • Recording of time and dates attended

Our technicians attempt to utilize the least hazardous methods possible when human intervention is a possibility. Utilizing human resistant baiting and trapping equipment we lower the threat to the absolute minimum.

Pest regulation maintenance agreements are a great way for company owners because they allow the peace of mind that their premises is being handled by a competent expert. Complimentary site reports are available to commercial premises holders where by we supply all the important information to aid in a decision on whether ongoing pest control is the best alternative for you. There are rare treatments that necessitate complete absence from humans but we seek to check out each and every method prior to this path being followed.

To start a working partnership together we initially dispatch a pest control expert to conduct a site inspection of your property. Your property will be examined internally and externally allowing us to generate a comprehensive report of our discoveries. Gathering all the evidence ahead of execution of any pest control action plan is key to effective treatments. It’s for this reason that our company never apply a blanket type method as each and every problem is unique.

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Pest issues are categorised into manageable phases, see below:

  • Site and risk examinations are carried out ahead of implementation
  • Providing pest control in the most humane fashion feasible making use of responsible procedures subsequently assuring your reputation, brand image, employees and client well-being is maintained to the highest standard
  • Frequent reporting and an on going working relationship allow for comfort in the commercial environment
  • We help to teach you through recommendations on pest reducing initiatives
  • Our efforts allows you and your business the ease of mind throughout health and safety audits

Why Should You Hire Professional Pest Control Companies?

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Pest Control, Pest Control Service, Termite Specialist |

Pests are tiny creatures dwelling in sewers, soil, trash, and in all filthy places you might ever imagine. Not to leave out, of course, residences and all types of buildings. They’re just some of the most persistent foes of any architectural structure. You might not realize it, but they could be residing, developing, and thriving right under your nose.

Occasionally, this problem can’t be solved by the simple use of pesticides. The issue could be either that there is such a great deal of pests that the quantity of pesticide you’ve got is not sufficient to deal with the nuisance, or perhaps the pests belong to a species for you can’t come across an effectual remedy. If you end up in this sort of a scenario, you should make contact with a reputed and trustworthy pest control company to take care of the issue. 

You can attempt to fix the problem yourself by performing a trial and error technique and utilizing different substances to eradicate the pests. Nevertheless, getting expert pest control companies can assist you to not only save lots of cash as well as effort but, in addition, make sure that you eliminate the pests properly and also permanently. Nonetheless, just prior to doing that, you must be aware of how to select the best service. Here are some basic guidelines to help you to pick the best pest control professional.


The very first thing you ought to do is to recognize the pests and study their life cycle and features. The problem could be a lot simpler than you think. If you are not able to ascertain the pest, it’s possible to get a dead one and take it to the nearby agricultural office and request them to identify it and also provide you with valuable tips about the best way to cope with it.

When you’re selecting a pest control business to work with, it will be best to ask for a recommendation from your family members, neighbors and friends who you know might have experienced this kind of an issue. They might have made use of the services of this sort of companies previously and hence they know which of them are the high-quality ones and which are the inferior ones. It is unlikely they’re going to all recommend the same company; however, you will see that more people have recommended one specific company over the others.

After you have identified a decent quality service, you will need to request them to come and examine the site. This will enable them to recognize the pest, the main affected area and find out what pesticide they’ll use to fix the problem. It’s vital that they do this to guarantee that they can organize themselves in advance and figure out how to resolve the problem in the most effective way possible. 

Finally, once the problem is resolved, it is wise to ask them for useful information on how you can protect yourself against the pest from attacking your household once more.

Usually, a reliable and competent pest control Canterbury will provide you with this information totally free. You must also remain in contact with their service to make sure that the next time you experience a significant pest problem they will only be a phone call away.

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